to be an epileptic

July 25, 2008
To be an Epileptic, your world is filled with wraught
Publics view on epilepsy was never really taught.
They feel we are mental, emotionally disturbed
Their thoughts are so annoying, frustrating so obscured.

To be an Epileptic is criticism in the work force
Doctors always question to diagnose it's very source
One never knows the feelings of degradation felt inside
As my life is stripped of driving, careers & my pride

To be amongst my friends enjoying so much pleasure
To only have it ruined by an epileptic seizure
My self-esteem is devastated , I scowl at myself
Try to cope I search thru all health books on the shelf.

From stomach problems, bowels, eyes, gums start receding
The side affects must be paid, the pills I am needing.
E.E.G.'s, M.R.I.'s, as the neurologist demands
Changes that my body make are all at its' command.

Discipline is needed, to avoid a pace that's hectic
Restraints imposed on family members 'cause I'm an Epileptic’.
Adjustments in my life-style, as Mom & thoughtful wife
Much care & rest I must take as seizures rule my life.

How I hate being an ‘Epileptic’ but, we are survivors.

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