A Dictators Rise and Demise

May 16, 2012
By Marco Borth BRONZE, Olathe, Kansas
Marco Borth BRONZE, Olathe, Kansas
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When you look out your door
You can see a lot of people,
Who do their work as before
And never do any evil.
But where are those who deliver
The horrific recipes of treachery
They hide in shadows where they are eviler
As they plot to expand.
As dictators, they control their small worlds
And motivate their citizens
To praise his name
Or be killed with a stone hurled.
But these citizens really wanted
To be free from his rule,
So they made a video and printed
His acts all over the news.
Humans from all over the world
Watched the clip and felt misery,
While some wanted to stop such acts
And protect their family.
So they too pass the news
To where presidents compromise,
After which they spotted these clues
That unraveled the dictator’s rise.
Now sometimes every hour
I wish they didn't send troops,
But congress has the power
To choose using pigeon coops.
So me and my friends all
Are now here to help the poor.
And although some of us rise and fall
We break the tyrant's door.
But now I won't tell you my friend
Who won and who did not,
Because that isn't how stories end
So the story can't submit.
Congress or Presidents had to choose
Either to pass the law or not,
But after they did, we never protested
Because the fate of this law was not in our grasp.
After that peace was once more
Given back to the people,
The nation is what is was before
Resting and reading while eating an apple.
And as the person who sent
This revolutionizing video,
He wonders where did the bad man went,
And that is for someone else to know.

The author's comments:
When my teacher was asking me of how could the Internet make a difference, I thought of how someone could use it to end a dictators rule over a country.

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