Life Needs Balance

May 15, 2012
By steph.rox GOLD, Madison, Alabama
steph.rox GOLD, Madison, Alabama
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"You haven't lived until you've found something worth dying for"

Candy. It’s good right? Everyone has that craving for sugar. And there are so many choices. There’s hard candy, chocolate, caramel, butterscotch, lollipops, gummy bears, and even pure sugar on a stick. But what happens when we eat too much? We get sick. That’s what this world is…sick.

When a five-year-old walks into a candy store, the fist thing they do is pick up some candy…then some more…then some more…then some more. And when the kid prepares to eat it; the natural temptation is to eat all of it at once. That’s what people do. When something good happens, they want more of it. They want all of it at once because the human mind tells us that if its good, then it will be even better if we get a lot of it.

The human eye is what tricks the mind. We see something pretty and colorful with vibrant, neat packaging and the eye tells our taste buds, “I WANT IT!” But if I walked into a candy store and saw a bag of candy covered in mud and it looked soggy and gross I wouldn’t give it a chance! The candy that looked awful could’ve tasted excellent but my mind craves something that looks tasty, not nasty. If we eat too much candy then we get fat, sick and our teeth rot. Its just like when people try to take in so much life at once the mind becomes sick. It all goes back to temptation. Its something we are born into. We are tempted to do things we shouldn’t do at an early age. And sometimes we like doing things we shouldn’t do. It makes us feel good. It’s okay to do bad things every once in a while. It gives people a feeling of being rebellious. It’s a good feeling. But when you think about it even things that are good for you are bad in excess. Even the things that keep you alive. If you breathe in and out really heavily for a long time you’ll pass out. But we cant live without air. Or if you water the grass too much then it will flood and eventually the grass will die. But grass wont live without water. If we get too many good things in life then we wont be thankful for them because we wont experience the bad things about life.

In a way humans are like dogs. Dogs don’t have the thing in their brain that says, “I’m full” or “I’ve eaten too much”. That’s why dogs get fat so easily. In life, people don’t have that thing in their brain that says “I need to chill” or “I’ve had to much”. If we don’t watch out we could get fat. Not physically, but mentally. People can end up getting fat from the good things in life. It’s just like candy. It’s just so good that we shut out the thing in our head that says “you’ve had too much”.

Another way of thinking about it is like when you have to take a tablespoon of nasty cough medicine. It’s going to make you feel better but the taste is unbearable. It seems more like a gallon rather than a tablespoon. But if it were a tablespoon of kool-aid or your favorite soda you’d want more. This is because natural human tendency is to make a sacrifice so you can feel good. But it ends up backfiring. Just like life backfires on you sometimes.

The author's comments:
This incoherent poem explains the expression, "anything in excess is bad"

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