Arctic Night

May 15, 2012
By steph.rox GOLD, Madison, Alabama
steph.rox GOLD, Madison, Alabama
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The cold air brushes through the polar bear's fur

She shivers and moves into her din

The mother bear sees her cubs fast asleep

And she finds warmth when she lies next to them

The walrus awakens lying next to the rest of his family

It is still nighttime and bitterly cold

He looks at those among him to see if anyone else is awake

Then he soon lays his head back down and drifts back

The penguin curls himself tighter to his egg

The cold of the night is what awakens him

He squeezes tighter into the huddle of the other birds

The father-to-be feels the warmth and knows the egg is safe

The author's comments:
My inspiration for this pantoum poem was my love for animals. Animals give a great opportunity to explore ideas and different structures in poetry.

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