Me vs. Simplicity

July 24, 2008
By Shakirra Ulmer, Weston, FL

Perfection is simplicity
Contradiction is explicit
Logical incompatibility is love
Affection and sexual attraction is human
Containing very clear, specific, detailed material is a tear
Strong emotions such as sorrow or elation is life

A story from beginning to end is life
Living in its simplicity
Crying only one tear
In this parallel universe is explicit
Love towards a human
The beholder of beauty and love

To contradict is to be in love
With plenty if mistakes in life
Blood sweat and tears of human
Divinity in simplicity
Failure is much more than explicit
Its one last tear

Happiness can be found in a single tear
Non-the less chained by love
Its bleeding is beautifully explicit
Rarely seen in life
Is its simplicity
The true depth of a human

Covered by veiling curtains a human
Down the cheek of disaster stands tall a tear
Much more complicated than simplicity
Lies love
Underneath it all we pray for life
The dying truth of it is explicit

My undying love for you is explicit
But only because it’s human
And I realize its not personal just life
In the one tear
Lies my everlasting love
For you and your lovely simplicity

The author's comments:
Honestly I dont know how I was inspired but I know that to understand this sestina read between the lines the words simplicity, explicit, love.

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