Naked Eye

July 26, 2008
By Anonymous

Leading a life of wonder.
What is to be the purpose of a persons' success?
To rise?
To fall?
Why should man have all?
Tonight a battle is lost.
Tomarrow, a world of sorrow will gather.
Red eyed mothers, dazed children and middle persons alike.
But what of tonight?
The time between the fall and the aftermath?
What of tonight?
Rot alone in an empty bed?
Tossing an unfilled body into a darkness of dred?
A mind of worry and a fierce fire of no name?
What of tonight?
Will you stay with me and cry?
Or rejoice in our victory of neutralness of fright?
Stay with me tonight.
Feel the breeze of life.
Forget the unwanted tomorrow, hold me close and tight.
Let my tears stay in the dam behind my eyes.
Let the lonliness not be called.
Stay with me tonight, hold me as I fall.
Stay with me tonight.
Stay with me tonight.

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