The criticized heart that died

July 24, 2008
By courtney helm, Broken Arrow, OK

Sob sob,
That’s the sound of her crying,
She feels lost,
Everyone tells her how stupid she is,
And so many pathetic things,
She tries to smile,
Tells herself to keep her head up high,
But her heart knows its fake,
These things truly hurt her,
It seems it happens everywhere,
In class, in activities, at home,
When will it ever end?
The only safe place is church,
And the people who do it fake,
No one ever stops those people,
Councilors and principals say “absolutely no bullying”,
I guess they think criticizing isn’t bullying?
They’re wrong,
It’s better to be physically abused then to let your heart believe bad things about itself,
There is nothing wrong with anyone’s heart, just things they could improve,
Now, after hearing it everywhere from everyone,
She starts to believe it,
She tells herself how horrible she is,
Knowing this is hurting her God and that she shouldn’t say such things,
Tears fall,
Sob, sob,
They stream down her face as people stare, stunned,
She wants to yell “It’s your fault! Be ashamed”,
But as always, that wouldn’t end well,
She hides her face in her hands and tries to stop crying, but can’t,
Sob, sob,
She tells herself that they do it to make themselves happy,
Well, I bet they’re happy, because tonight, that girl’s innocent heart,
Has died tonight.

The author's comments:
This is about my life at school. I think alot of other teens can relate.

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