Missed it for the world

July 24, 2008
By Deepa Rodrigues, Mumbai, Maharastra, ZZ

Holding ure nose,
I watched you jump.
Eyes closed,
I've got your back; you know?

I followed you in,
like i have before.
Through trouble through fear to sin,
Just once; I've only just watched you go.

Blood surging through my head,
thats all i hear.
Is this what it feels like to have senses that are dead?
I cling to things like this; memories that flow

Now that we're here,
I'm happy that we are. (/i can se why we are[?])
Happy that you've lead me through my fear,
you were right when you said; it's worth the world.

Your hair drifts in crazy swirls,
the frame is frozen.
I can still see 'em the blue grey curls,
it's like a clipping that refused to unfurl.

I watched the rising bubbles,
and i follow suit fighting the pressure.
Together we struggle,
now I thank God; I didnt miss this for the world

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