Who, Not What

July 23, 2008
Think of me as a flower
So young and gay
In the new morning

The dew settles on my cheek
Illuminating my presence in the world

But I have not opened yet
For I am still deciding
Who Am I To Be?

Everyone says
You are a flower!
That is what you are

But no, I say no
That is my shell
Not who I am

I am beautiful
On the outside
Streaked with different colours and lines
My shape delicate to the touch

But the inside?

No, I say no
I am not a flower
And with this I realize

I am something more
I am defiant to be only that
Defiant to be only a flower

I am original
I am unique
And with this I am triumphant

Because I know who I am
And not what I am!
I am not a what
But a who

And I am me
Purely me
And not a flower

I open up into the new day

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