A Revolution Within

July 23, 2008
By Alan Nguyen, Littleton, CO

Clouds of dust erupt
as debris falls
In this epic battle
of heart against mind

This neverending conflict
with all options depleted,
a confused boy walks endlessly
through these wartorn fields.

The innocent boy
is searing with scars
as the bullets fly,
grazing his body and soul.

The warning signs all around,
men and women crying out
and without heeding the signs,
the boy jumps in.

Craters of lost hope
litter the ground around
as the boy, with eyes closed
moves onward.

Reaching for a false hope,
The boy trudges on, lucky,
The mine fields below
have yet to catch him.

Explosions deafen the air
as mortar shells blanket the sky.
The boy continues, without hesitance,
walking towards a vision...

He's not a corpse,
but he's still lifeless,
lost in battle,
his humanity stripped.

A break in the smoke,
revealing sunshine,
shedding light
upon grim truths.

His wounds, reopened
as he falls,
desprately reaching
with his last breath...

Alive again,
in a place too far gone,
into old habits.

Injuries of past discords
become apparent
as his wounds heal
and he is once more, torn.

he escapes,
despite his open scars,
testing his determination.

His eyes are wide,
as his allies desert,
fading into the smoke
with white flags raised.

Into exile, he flees.
With his superiors left behind,
he takes to new lands
to make a name.

His presence known
in distant kingdoms,
he returns to strife
once more.

The author's comments:
This piece is an on-going piece that started early in my junior year of high school as I was learning who I really was. It continued on towards senior year and I have yet to call it a finished piece as I believe more will be added on as I continue to grow as a person.

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