Fire and Ice

July 22, 2008
By Nick Petrizzi, Wilsonville, OR

Never could decide,
To run with flames or stick to ice,
Not a rule I could abide,
I stepped in fire and burnt my eyes,
But I made a compromise,
To break these links that i have tied,
Put down this ladder i have climbed,
And catch these breezes for awhile,
Because I've made a few mistakes,
I rock the cradle until it breaks,
All my past has been erased,
Trying to catch this dream that i have chased,
I came fast out of the gates,
Took a seat and watched my world shake,
Reassurnace is on his way,
But his flight is running late,
My life has been crowded by these lies,
Of easy money and peaceful skies,
Nothing could jeopardize,
My future and I would coincide,
Now I'm sitting on the edge,
One foot in heaven and one in hell,
Trying to read between the lines,
And learn this story that my life tells.

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