Before the Clock strikes Twelve

July 21, 2008
By Paloma Ibarra, Bellflower, CA

Rush now, before the clock strikes twelve,
Run as fast as you can!
For there's a damsel out there,
that awaits your loving hand!
Rush now, lad and find your maiden,
whose skin is pallid and pale!
Follow her as she walks,
never stray from her trail!
But oh, young lad! Hurry now!
for the clock is about to strike!
and thou must kiss her virgin lips,
or you shall lose her tonight!
Can you see her cerulean eyes
that cry to meet your own?
Young lad, thou must find her now!
She hates to be alone.
Ah, one strike! You still have time to caress her rosy lips!
Second strike! Hurry now and graze her fingertips!
The third--the fourth--the fifth--the sixth--Lad, don't hesitate!
Seventh, hurry! Run, dear lad before it is too late!
And now the clock strikes nine, your long legs scamper fast!
Can you hear the call of her voice? You've found her at last!
Alas, the clock! It strikes it's tune of twelve chimes as it sings!
Midnight's here, but she's now yours. You've escaped Fate's playful strings.
And now, young lad, protect her well, for the clock at any moment may strike.
And death may take your maid away like a thief in the night!

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