Love is Pain/Pain is Love!

July 21, 2008
By Kayla Jackson, Warren, OH

Love is pain and pain is love is what I was told.
Does that mean you must love to feel pain and feel pain to love?
If so that sucks.
Why must I love to get hurt and hurt to be loved?
Should I even bother to love or be loved at all?
When I was in love I thought I could do anything I wanted.
I was happy.
Was free.
I could fly, I could soar through the sky.
My spirit was so high I was blind and couldn't see the walk that was blocking me.
Blocking me from my happiness.
Yes I was happy an I was free.
I could soar through the skies, I felt so alive but at the same time I was still blind.
The love that I was in blinded me from reality.
It put me in a bubble and I exactly felt free, but then my bubble popped an I had to face reality.
I was in a place of sorrow and pain, but I just knew that because I was in love I would be ok.
What I didn't realize was that love is just a small asset of life.
I was surrounded by pain and misery.
Even though I was in love that love couldn't save me.
As time went on an on I developed so much pain inside me, an all I could do was cry.
It's sad cause I thought love could protect me but all it did was hurt me.
So I guess it's true that with love comes pain and with pain comes love, cause after it was over I was still in love.
Love is Pain/Pain is Love!

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