Because I Still Love You More

May 4, 2012
By SapphireLamour DIAMOND, Omaha, Nebraska
SapphireLamour DIAMOND, Omaha, Nebraska
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I’ll tell myself that I don’t care that I’m ok
Just so I can make it through the day

Even act like I don’t need you. That’s s***.
But I’ m such a good liar that I almost believe it.

And sometimes when it hurts inside so much that I want to die
I tell myself you don’t love me anymore, but it only makes me cry

‘Cause now that I can’t see you anymore I can only hope that’s a lie too
And ‘cause deep within me is the only truth I know to be forever true:

I love you forever .
All I need is to be with you forever.

Although I’m tryin’ to make do,
I can’t live my life without you.

No matter how I’m tryin’
I feel something within me is dyin’

‘Cause when we were forced apart
I let you take my heart.
In the hopes you’d be the one who never forgot me,
that someday we’d be together, we’d be happy, we’d be free.

I’d hoped I could one day feel again the way I did with you.
But right now I feel lonely, I feel longing, and so what am I to do?

Unless you feel the same way you can’t know how I’ve missed you.
How much it hurts that I can hardly remember how good it felt when I kissed you.

I need to sob, to weep, to cry
Without you there’s no point I may as well just die.

Now I get a memory of when you said you wanted to forever be with me
And I know just as I then knew

That for you I can be strong
For you I will hold on.

I just hope that you don’t feel as badly as I do
And that you still love me the way I still love you.

Tell me that you understand (the way I know you do). Tell me that you see
And that you still want to love and kiss and hold me.

Tell me these things and I’ll say them back to you.
You know I’m already forever yours, forever true.

Our last parting was hurried and confusing. I was and was worried and was rushed.
I wish I’d said these things to you then and kissed you one last time. Maybe then I wouldn’t feel so crushed.

I’m afraid because you seem too good to be true.
Please don’t fade away and become a dream like all other good things do.

I couldn’t ever not care
‘Cause I need you the way I need air.

I love you more than life itself and though I don’t always show it
I hope you’ll always know it.

I love you to the moon and back
To the farthest star and past

I’ll always love you more.
it increases every second 'cuz it's you that i live for.

There is absolutely nothing I wouldn’t do
To spend the rest of my life with you.

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