I Must not Linger

July 20, 2008
By Tristan Daley, McDonough, GA

I had her in the palm of my hand, yes,

And she had me eating out of the palms of hers.

But while she had my heart on strings

She manipulated me like a puppet master.

A couple years ago she was a friend and became mi amiga mejor

To me it was platonic, but she wanted more.

But as a boy in the first stages of pubescent development

My attraction was towards girl with physical enhancements

On the surface she was a late bloomer but that was irrelevant

Her mind blossomed like a rose, I saw petals of intelligence

Logically my equal, our conversations were engaging

Contentious arguments were what gave me elation

It was cool having someone who wanted me near

She said she loved my smile when I showed teeth ear to ear.

But I missed that chance, I noticed her to late

And the hurt that I gave to her would turn out to be my own fate

And I remember the day on facebook or myspace

I saw her pretty picture, computer screen shining on my face

And that's when it all started, and I saw the road leading me to be broken hearted.

Like best friends should, we began talking everyday

But I had strange feeling when I put the phone away

Attraction, no, infatuation, see then I couldn't say, but to my dismay

It surpassed that and emotions were deep, and my energy was spent.

Because she wasn't sure if she had the same sentiment

See, she had a BF about having a BF and I became a bad friend,

Because I told her to put that relationship to an end.

She was stuck in the middle, she felt torn between

"Two different shades of love," that's how she would explain things.

In the end I was rejected

She said "I love you" at least once but meant it less than that

She had my heart in her hand and pulled it out my back

I guess karma was a b*** and I was getting on her nerves

She turned around and returned the treatment I deserved

See the ones we love, can often hurt us most

It's not enemies that kill our spirits, it is the one's we keep close.

to any one who knows what it's like to have something so close, but out of arms length

And you realize the person you love is farther than you think

Keep hope in your mind and your heart free of spite

Don't linger on lost love, liberate your soul and live your life.

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