Love Has Gone Away

July 19, 2008
By Hannah Kath'leen Wright, Sprindale, AR

Do we see as the hours pass?
Do we recognize what is fading fast?
As the lights that once showed us love,
reveal what happens when we've had enough.

as the pages start to turn to tell,
how we cried as our eden fell,
and how the faith we had in what we knew,
burnt to ash in the morning dew.

we couldn't see so we couldn't stop.
we're still going even though we're not.
Hiding in the world's ignorance,
they don't ask we don't plan to tell.

we could have said
but we didn't say,
and we won't say, I know that we won't say,

It's not worth it in our eyes.

As we travel on this barren land,
the seconds resonate inside our heads,
and now we see but we still won't say,
"it's not here,
Love has gone away."

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