July 18, 2008
By Nicole Beisel, Denton, TX

He said it'd be fine, so she followed him there
When he started drinking she gave him an ugly stare
But that stare was all she did, and it meant nothing to him
He kept drinking as the night grew more and more dim

Nothing was different about his behavior today
He drank all the time, no matter what she tried to say
They were on their way out, and she knew he shouldn't drive
But he was her ride home, she figured she'd be able to survive

He woke up the next day, in a long blue dress
Being interviewed by all kinds of press
He wanted to see her, to make sure she was alright
But she didn't make it through that long night

Don't drink and drive, no matter what he or she said
It's not safe, theres a big chance you'll end up dead
Lots of people lose their life, because of what they drink
Don't let that be you, before you get drunk, think

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