unrequited love

July 18, 2008
By janette mejia, Stockton, CA

For years I’ve confined my life in the domain of a lonely heart .imprisoned in one of the most vacant chamber ,waiting for my prince charming to rescue me .like a 3(not 4) leaf clover I was lucky to find him. except my triumph came with a catch .he is deaf. I’m becoming more desperate as the hand of the clock counts down with its every menacing tick. My shouts for help are becoming weaker as my idle body lies hopelessly & abandoned .I spend my days contemplating over ideas to make him aware that my corpse like cold soul needs his warm rigid body to give some meaning to my life. Its becoming useless .we’re perfect strangers that could not communicate with each other .when we exchange glances .I wonder if he doesn’t realize all the pain he haves caused .the hardest part was being so close, yet so distant that all eternity could not unite us under one universe.

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