Perhaps in another Life Haibun

May 8, 2012
By bernice SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
bernice SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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We walk along the river. The city glistens in the water, dabbing the darkness with shimmers of light. Our steps are paced but our minds are dancing and my thoughts are racing.

your eyes meet my eyes
so much contrast in one gaze
like life meeting death
We haven’t gone on a walk in a while. But we’ve never really stopped—walking or talking. Our conversations are like seeds floating in the wind, you say, aimless at first… Sometimes the wind stops, drops the seeds to grow in some soil. Questions are answered, moments are made… those plants are memories. Those topics that don’t take root, are picked up by the wind again… And they stay aloft until chance brings them to ground again. And so it begins, and so it is, and so it shall end… or will it?*
Three months later, the winds pick up. This time our minds lay together, intertwining emotions in a silent conversation. The sun has just set, my favorite time of day. When it’s not quite dark and the world seems to be glowing. I look into your eyes as we sit side by side. There’s something off about them. As if they’re not fully opened, withered from time.
old eyes from seeing
so much of this world, nothing
is novel to you.
But what about this feeling? I’m afraid the answer is no.
for some reason in
Chinese w? ài n? sounds less
than an “I Love You”
Te gusto, te amo, really don’t do. What is love? Very strange.
your warmth lingering
on the train ride home I still
feel your hands in mind.
In school,
the waters glisten
through closed windows I smile but
want so bad to fly.
But here I am up close with you
in front of the waters
your hands in mine
intertwined, not perfectly
cold fingers slightly damp
sharing my warmth
there were gaps in between the crevices of our
interlocked fingers
but who said that mattered?
today cheeks grow warm
recalling your soft whispers
like liquid honey
el amor es algo que muy extrano

in your arms eyes closed
moving with your steady rise
and fall, rise and fall
con el viento llevando las cosas que no decimos
porque el amor verdadero no necesita ninguna palabra
es algo que tu sientes
en frente del agua
bajo del cielo
mi sonrisa en tus ojos
con mis manos en tus manos
sin palabras
solamente el viento llevando las cosas que no decimos.
good-byes in a daze
perhaps in another life
you and I could stay.

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