July 16, 2008
By Saishalie Fabian, New York, NY

I didn’t even know that I loved you
Till that faithful day in class
You just popped into my head
And I knew I loved you I guess

It brought tears to my eyes you know
Knowing now I was in love with you
After all those times you warning me not to
But still falling hard for you

I never felt this way before so I wasn’t really sure
So when I went home I thought and thought and thought
And I remembered a quote that said,
“You know you’re in love when your heart and mind are saying the same thing”

That’s when I knew that I was in love with you
I knew now that I needed you in my life more than anybody in the world
Your perfect, everything I need
With you in my life now, everything is complete

I now know you feel the same way
And that’s great
But there’s still some confusion in your mind
And you say I have to wait

Now you tell me to move on and not wait for you
But honestly, I don’t even know if I can
Your telling me that there’s better guys
But I know, none of them will touch my heart like you have

I care and love for you
You feel the same way too
So may I please ask,
Why are you so confused?

Just know that when you feel
Hollow and alone
I’ll be here for you
To love and to hold

You took over every space I had in my heart and mind
I just want you to know that I love you
And that you have made me feel completely alive

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