Why the Blue Cagged Bird Sings?

July 14, 2008
By Charese Simpson, Pine Bluff, AR

Imagine a blue cagged bird singing for joy and peace. She's waiting to be set free. She's ready to explore the world, ready to meet other birds, so forever she holds her peace. She has no owner,and no one to let her out. While being beautiful to others she cries out, "Let me fly!" The blue cagged bird sings. No key, people are staring at me, she always thought. They don't know why she sings. "Let me be free, let me share the beauty of me. The more I stay cagged, the more pain and sorrow it will be, but only for me." Why does the blue cagged bird sing? The only joy she has is through her song as she sing. She wants to spread her wings, waiting for the world to see. The voices of people are likely to be silent while the cagged bird sings and cries. One day, just one day they'll understand what the cagged bird went through. Everyday there's a butterfly flying generously and anonymously, she wants to do the same thing too. Why does the blue cagged bird sings? She smile, but it doesn't have any means. Deep down inside there's so much pride, but on and off she cries. Right now this day that cagged bird could be next to you, but she is nowhere to be found. Only one person knows and it could be me or you. She now flies freely, but still has the same cagged feelings. Just think about it, reach down in your heart and grab that key and unlock her, that cagged bird, as she spreads her wings and smile without being ashamed. The healing your HEART has gave her, the most precious and highly savor. Flying like an EAGLE through the breeze. A heart shaped key that unlocks every need. VIM- all the strength she has through one seed. EAGERLY and anxious she flapps her wings, but NEVER again will she be in that cage again. Everybody know why the blue cagged bird sings.

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