A Lonely Lunch

July 15, 2008
By Tucker Trainer, Westlake Village, CA

All there,

But not.
Each picks at their food,

Their minds are drifting off,
Each has thought after thought.

The man stares and wonders,

How his life came to be.

Is he satisfied?

His sister takes a bite of fruit,

Wondering how long it will be until she finds love again.

As the children pick at their food,
They wonder who they will be when they grow old.

What impressions will they leave on the world?

While the girl is lost in her thoughts of stuffed animals and candy,
The elder readies the food,

With hopes the good times will return.
She wants the best for her grandchildren,

But so much has happened.

Can it ever be the same?

Nothing can ever be the same as it once was.
Pieces cannot be put back into the puzzle that don’t fit.

The jigsaw of life is constantly changing.

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