A Love Apart

July 12, 2008
By Mel Pozo, Parlin, NJ

We had so much love
And a burning fire in our eyes
In the beginning we had everything
But things changed in time.

We grew restless
Tired, annoyed and weak
I couldnt take that way you never let me in
And you didn't know how to control me.

And although we grew up
Our love and bond grew apart
We left eachother out here
We broke our own hearts.

We didn't even say good-bye
Got up, went our separate ways
Didn't even look back
Just went about our separate days.

I've been holding back these tears for so long
And I've been hiding all the pain inside
There's not a day I dont miss you
And there's not a day where you're not on my mind.

I kept all the pictures
And all those love letters
I've cherished them all
They've given hope that things will get better.

How did it come to this
How did we let the fire die
How did we lose all the love we had
Why did things change with the time?

I miss you so much
I remember when you were here
The way you'd keep me close
And I'll never forget the way you'd hold me near.

If I never shall see you again
Just know you still have my heart,
I will always love you,
Even though we've been apart.

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