Will Forever Ever End?

July 8, 2008
By JaLisa Hardy, Montgomery, AL

Will forever ever end?
Fighting this excruciating pain,
Will anyone know how I feel deep inside?
Or will they simply just pass me by,
Or will forever ever end?
Will they realize that I can’t take it anymore?
And I want to be free like a delicate rose petal
Floating in the spring light air
Will forever ever end?
Me feeling like a closed shut door
That squeezes the living life out of me and
I feel like I have no more air to breathe; suffocating
Will forever ever end?
Will I finally be understood?
Or be looked at as more than just a human life organism
Will forever ever end?
Being put in this deep dark pit
Where there’s is nowhere to go or nothing to be
Will forever ever end and just be never
Because if it never happens
Then there won’t be forever
Will forever ever end?

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