where im from

April 25, 2012
i see many people, places, and things
i touch my eyes cuz they are itchy
i smell the sewer from Laural
i taste some yummy cookies that are fresh out of the oven they are chocolate chip
i hear my little brother screaming because he doesn't get what he wants
i am from nowhere
i remember people talking, talking about me
i remember seeing people whispering into each others ear i wounder what they are saying
i remember smelling my grandmas perfume coming from her bedroom it smells like flowers
i remember tasteing my grandmas lasagna
i remember touching my little brother when i pick him up hes kinda heavy
i have seen my little brother growing up
i have heard my mom crying when i yell
i have smelled my neighbors garden growing in the summer ahh the smell of tomatoes
i have tasteed her pears off her pear tree they are so juicy
i have touched people when they are crying i am from nowhere
i am from a music back round
i am from people who love me for me
i am me

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