Made Up Memory Land.

July 22, 2008
By Candace VanDyk, Kalamazoo, MI

Picture a place where spirits roam free, and wings glide across wooded willows.
Fields of flowers with frolicking frenzies.
Overhead the skies float with distant enlightening clouds.
Green grass spreads across the pillowy planes, and every soul's kite is freely flying in the high hills.
Each spirit heightens as the grass grows greener.
And no one shall break or bend what lies in our happiness, for we are the great creators of the god.
Sounds of singing birds seem harmonious and heavenly.
Beings nurturing nature and freeing powerless prisoners.
Peace is the only place to go for happiness, and a helping hand is all you have to call on.
Needs aren't needed and wants aren't wondered about.
Love is the way of life and destruction leads to death.
Take my hand and join me in my made up memory land.

The author's comments:
The "made up memory land" I talk about in this piece, is a place where everything is stress free and peace and love spread across the entire land. It is sad that this type of world has to be made up and can only be visited in a memory. I want people to take this poem and apply it however they want.

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