“Mother Dictator”

September 22, 2007
By Erika Metzger, West Palm Beach, FL

You selfish,
Why don’t you let me be?
Why must you reign over me?
Oh yeah, that’s right
You’re a complete control freak
How could I forget?
You act like you know everything
Which, by the way,
You don’t!
So keep your mouth shut!
Do you hear you talk sometimes?
Acting as if the world is crap
And you,
Up on our high pedestal,
Can’t bear to look down at the unworthy world so far below.
Well guess what,
We don’t want you there either
So you can let us be!
I don’t need you;
We don’t need you.
I can think on my own;
I don’t need to follow your opinion.
I have my own,
And I am quite pleased with them, thanks.
But I can’t rebel,
For your too powerful.
You have too much influence over my life.
You can cut my resources off in a snap of your twisted fingers.
So I can only sit here,
Quietly rebelling on my computer,
Until I meet the age that I can leave you
And I can breath again.

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