September 21, 2007
By Ashley McGrain, Rochester, NY

No matter the age difference,
The love you have for one another is like no other.
The things that you thought you would never say
Are now coming out of your mouth.
The people you hated with a passion
Are now your family you know and love.
The bad habits that you were embarrassed about
Are reasons why people love you.
The classes you failed because you slept all class long
Are now classes you participate in because you’re awake.
The television shows that you hated so much
That you changed the channel when ever you saw a preview
Are now television shows you love so much
That if you miss an episode,
You’ll punish yourself by locking yourself in your room all day.
The way you have changed for this special someone are ways
You would never change for anyone else.
This change for you
Is the best thing that ever happened to you,
And that special someone that you changed for,
You would do anything for,
Even if it meant your life.

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