The Ocean of Tomorrow

April 23, 2012
In the gray morn
A blue jay cries
For it sits alone
In the middle of the street

Its tears hit the ground
Swelling the cracks
Along the pavement
And under its feet

A stream is born

In the black night
A tree hums and groans
For the wind is not gentle
While the world is asleep

Its green leaves once paper feather
Now fall to earth
With a blanket of dew;
A weight it can’t keep

A river takes flight

In the darkened day
A girl stands in rain boots
For she sees her reflection
In a puddle by the drain

Its surface so still
Until the drops make it quiver
The rain lashing down;
A broken face with no name

But in the water of sorrows
A boat makes its way
On the ocean of tomorrow

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