The Soldier's Fate

April 20, 2012
By Sprite123455 SILVER, Brooker, Florida
Sprite123455 SILVER, Brooker, Florida
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The soldier's fate
He did not fear,
Rescue comes too late
Yet he sheds no tear.

There he lay upon the dirt,
His mind began to wander,
To tired and to numb to hurt.
In life's last moments he ponders.

From his family he did depart
To bravely serve his country.
And although it shattered his heart,
He did not give his feelings entry.

The soldier then took his last breath,
His eyes slowly fluttered shut.
And finally surrendered his soul unto death.
And oh how deeply his death did cut.

His wife at home waits ever so nervous,
As she read the letter her heart filled with dread.
Her brave husband had fallen in service,
Her noble husband was dead.

The author's comments:
I am currently in JROTC and it has really opened my eyes to what our brave soldiers go through. Not only that, but how it effects their loved ones and the entire country. God Bless Our Troops<3 Bring them home safely<3

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