Never Forget

April 18, 2012
By Victoria Briones BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
Victoria Briones BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
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Never forget all that He has done for us, when we believe our lives are hard just remember all that He was forced to endure. Think of His great sacrifice, ours does not even begin to compare, He is perfect; He never judges or expects us to be anything but ourselves. He only wants what is best for us and does His best to help us in any way. He protects us from all evil things and works to keep us out of harms path. He gave His life for us, and in return He only asks that we follow His wishes. He hopes that we will follow Him so that one-day we can live in peace with Him. He is our savior who never expects us to do anything more than we can, He sees our imperfections and always continues to love us, no matter how many times we have sinned against Him, He always finds it in His heart to keep loving us. When we do things that we know we should not He opens His arms to us and cares for us not expecting us to be perfect, but only hoping that we will repent to receive His never-ending forgiveness.

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