The Unknown

April 18, 2012
By MelissaLilley BRONZE, North Hollywood, California
MelissaLilley BRONZE, North Hollywood, California
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Favorite Quote:
"we hurt people that love us. Love people that hurt us"

It is hard to believe
I've never felt this way before
An experience of a lifetime
Not wanting to be cold-hearted anymore
You might just be my cure
I can remember when I swore
That I'd never let myself fall, but I'm falling
For every part of you down to the core
We all aren’t perfect
But your flaws I adore

One thing difficult to admit
Is that I have never made love
This is an unknown feeling
You are the only thing I think of
Flooding my brain rapidly
What I want is to kick and shove
Because I'm scared, scared that you'll hurt me
These games are what I'm tired of
I desire to feel again
Maybe one day you'll show me true love

The feelings are reciprocated
Breaking down my wall
The sensation of being vulnerable
As if I could almost fall
Frightened you'll slip from my grasp
So I find ways stall
Concealing my feelings
Emotionless like a plastic doll
But with you I’m finished masking them
Once and for all

I hardly know you
But feel like I have forever
This is like a treacherous adventure
That I am willing to endeavor
For you to be mine
I would do anything whatsoever
Girls in the past may have hurt you
But I would never
Promise to be by your side
Through the good and bad, whichever

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