Who am I

April 11, 2012
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Who am I
Right now, I am a jock
I am the guy who I think women want to be with
I wear the mask that I think society will like
who am I, a question I always seem to ask
but yet never have a dominate answer
I wear this mask till something happens
till someone judges me, laughs at me or hates me
then the mask comes off, yet a new one comes on
now I am loner, the kid who sulks in the corner
the kid who wants nothing to do with society
because what society has taken away from me
is nothing that can be given back
its taken my dreams my hopes my ambitions
one person in a world full of people could cause so much havoc
in just one persons life
so my mask comes off and a new one comes on
spinning the wheel to see who I might become
so now I am a prep
I buy the cloths that I can’t afford
I wear the shoes I absolutely hate
but will I fit into society now
is this what I have to do to fit in
to make new friends that wont turn their backs on me
to make plans on a Friday night but ditch me in the last second
so who am I,
am I the emo kid with black hair and Metallica shirts
who wears eye liner to show how dark he really is
none of what you see is real,
everything is a figment of your imagination
but one day I will run out of masks
and what you will see, is me
and I pray that society will accept me
the me that laughs at jokes that are not funny
the me that likes to sing in the hallways at school
the me that you will miss dearly when I am gone
because one day I will be gone
somewhere far away
to the highest mountains
the ends of the earth to the galaxies near and far
but here, is the only place where I cant be me
because no matter who I am or what I become
they will always judge, they will always judge me
they will have the audacity to throw my face in the mud
and tell me I need to change
to become fake like botox on a women's face
like make-up that hides the prettiest girl
under shades of black and blue to make a women
what god did intend not to
but I grow tired of change
I grow tired of living to expectations
so from now on you will see me
me to infinity
because every day till the day I die
I will bleed my true colors
and no matter what you say, what they say
I will be me, the me society needs to see and needs to understand
because if you don’t know me, the real me
then who are you, are you so above everyone else
that you criticize me and tell me I am wrong and different
that I will never fit into society so long as I live and walk on this earth
well look in the mirror, I am no different than you
the only thing that is different is the cloths on my back and the shoes on my feet
but I dare you, before you criticize me and judge me before you make me feel like nothing
put on my shoes, become the real me, become the real you
the you only your parents see, the privileged see, at this time and this time only, never always
so I dare you, I quadruple dog dare you to become you
throw away the mask you make hide the fake personalities
and see who you are see how different you are from everyone else
and then come back to me with open eyes, eyes that have seen what I have seen my whole life
and then tell me, am I what you judged me to be am I the one that you perceived me to be
and when you see the real me all I ask is that you do not judge me
just listen to my voice as it screams out like the chorus in a church
thats all I could ask of any one person weather it be here or on the other side of the world
to accept me for who I am to never judge me for who I believe is me

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