Pretty Words

April 11, 2012
By , Mountain Home, AR
Breath mingles
Hearts break
One more kiss
Lots more at stake

Don’t pull me away
Leave us alone
Can’t you see?
Hear his tone

He’s only playing
He really is nice
Oh, these bruises?
That’s the price

I love him
But you don’t care
So what if it hurts
It’s perfectly fair

For me to have an angel
I have to pay a price
In bruises, blood, or pain
To keep my angel nice

Angry words
And pulling hair
Sometimemes he’s sorry
Sometimes he doesn’t care

And yet I love him
For all that he is
Through all the pain
I still need another kiss

You just don’t get it
No one does
Why don’t I leave?
Um… because

In hate there’s love
In pain there’s bliss
In ugly there’s beauty
Behind a fist there’s a kiss

You don’t get it
You don’t see
Why I stay
Why I don’t leave

Love is stupid
Love is blind
“Pretty words”, you say
“but there’s another reason to find.”

You say that’s a lie?
You think your mother too kind?
You say that’s enough?
Then you should leave me behind.

But you are right
Though, I will never say
That I stay here to defend you
until my last day.

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