Her Coat

April 5, 2012
By TobiDaDog SILVER, Semmes, Alabama
TobiDaDog SILVER, Semmes, Alabama
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A white fox I was.
My coat was nice.
It kept me warm.
It kept me alive.

Or so I thought.
I've changed my mind.
The fur that I loved,
has taken my life.

They get what they want.
They wanted my skin.
They didn't notice,
the fox it hid.

A target in the forest.
That's what I became.
These creatures don't care.
They feel no shame.

I was taken apart.
My cover stripped.
Through the agony,
away my soul slipped.

She wears the thing now.
What once was me.
I haunt her through it.
In some ways she sees.

Through every dogs' bark,
each snap at her hand.
When the beasts growl,
they understand.

I left behind pups.
She doesn't know.
But if she did,
would I still be a show?

It doesn't matter now.
I'm a fox no more.
Just a piece of clothing,
she bought in a store.

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