March 23, 2012
By J.Archuleta GOLD, Edgewood, New Mexico
J.Archuleta GOLD, Edgewood, New Mexico
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Is there a truth to happy endings?
I question that thought often…

As her eyes closed, mine slipped away
I tried to forget, but she returned to me today

She appeared in a field of marble and stone
Reminders of the lost in the country unknown

Her vermilion smile led me through the night
Each time I drew near, she’d vanish out of sight

Her ebony hair, like a raven’s crest
Her sapphire eyes stirred my heart in my chest

We danced together in the nighttime mist
Her lips, as warm as the last time we kissed

As the midnight hour struck, she fled
Ripping my heart from me as she fled

As I followed, I noticed something strange
Her eyes, from before, had begun to change

Her hair withered, like strands of thread
My heart began to fill with dread

She turned now, a fiend, and within her claws
A newborn lay, here, I had to pause

She dropped the child to be hell’s next feast
I tried to save the child from this fate, and the beast

The fiend pinned me to the cold ground
The banshee’s laughter, a resonating sound

The ghoul turned to me and began to smile
Death claimed, and torments me with, my wife and child…

Is there a truth to happy endings?

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