March 31, 2012
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There are too many people saying they want change
Then they say that its something they cant reach its not in their range
But at the same time they will go around and complain
Because they think the world is almost going insane
Its about that time for everyone to step it up
Make a change help someone that fell get back up
You see that person sitting alone?
Talk to them make them feel at home
Don’t always asume someone just wants attention
Do you know their story? Is their home life something they mention?
The smallest thing can help a lot
Because in the end what really counts is the thought
Change the way you treat the people around you
You never know what they might do
What would you do if you were getting bullied left and right?
And you never knew when they next time was that you would get into a fight?
Stick up for what should be done
Don’t be afraid of it you don’t have to run
Get a paper a pen and heres what you do
You wright down 10 things to make a diffrence that you can live up to
It can be really simple or really complex
Doesn’t matter put yourself to the test
Its simple its easy
Its something you can do monthly or weekly
If its something you choose not to do
Just know you don’t have the right to be mad at the world day by day
This challenge isn’t that hard that’s something I really have to say.
Its now your turn to do what you can
To simply be a better women or man

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