If I lost you...

April 6, 2012
By Anonymous

My heart would slip through the fingers of God and disintegrate in the darkness of the earth's atmosphere. It would be dropped apon a bed of nails, stabbed till it sunk down to hell and drowned in drenching blood the devil calls his pond. It would be burned till it turned to ash, then rolled in a joint for the devil to smoke, but even the devil meets unsatisfaction, for my heart is the devil's drug. It's what makes his eyes blood-shot and his skin red as lava. It's what keeps his horns sharper than foot-long kitchen knifes. My heart would be shipped to Africa and fed to the tigers, It would be torn into millions smaller than a grain of sand. It would then turn into wrists so I could slit them over and over to remind myself how bad it hurts to have you gone and out of my life. It would have many cuts, so much that the blood will run down my body to only form a river of death that strangles and raps around my neck. The river so strong that finally my face turns as red as the blood that runs down me, just like my tears. My heart is that shitty phone that gets dropped every 20 minutes, run over by cars, left in the rain with no where to go, no one to turn to... Till I die with no more battery power to go any longer in life. My batteries fail as I send my last text...

"I Love You"

The author's comments:
Deticated to Mj Johnson

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