Lets take that leap

April 4, 2012

Let's take a leap
Over the oceans
Through the jungles
Climb the mountains
Achieve our dreams?

Running a path
Croocked and hurt
Life is a gravel road
Nothing certain
Anything can be blown away
Written in sand
Hurt in the ?

Let's travel away to the furthest path
Where life is certain
Where lost will be found
Where the gravel is tar
And life is straight
Where everything is written in a book
Sealed with a stamp
A book of you and I

Let's go away to this place
Where is this place? She asks
"Don't worry my child, we going to God,"
And by. God I will lay you in his arms
And he will guide your way
Never look back
Because God is forward..
Don't ever look back

The author's comments:
inspired by many of my friends who are having doubts about running away

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