Shattering Glass

March 15, 2012
By Allison Lang BRONZE, Ellisville, Missouri
Allison Lang BRONZE, Ellisville, Missouri
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How would you feel if you pleaded guilty for a crime that you didn’t actually commit? What if all of your so-called friends were blaming you when in reality they were the ones that caused it? In Gail Giles 215 page book Shattering Glass, she unfolds the emotions and actions that led up to such accusations.

The book Shattering Glass all starts at B’Vale high school: Bobster, Coop, Young, Rob, Lance, and Simon are all seniors. When Rob transfers to B’Vale, he takes the throne from the most popular guy, Lance. In fact, Lance goes from being on top of the world to being at the bottom of the food chain. You soon figure out that the narrator of the book is Young who wrote it while he was in prison to confessing to a crime he didn’t actually commit. In this book, the most popular student, Rob, decides to make the most unpopular kid, Simon, just as popular as himself. To start things off, Rob makes Simon a part of his group of friends which include Young, Bobster, and Coop. Their main focus is to mend Simon into a “cool” kid by changing the way he dresses and acts. As the book continues, you soon find out that Simon in fact has his own plans. Throughout the book, you realize that Young is a follower and does whatever Rob tells him to do. You see all of the teenager’s flaws like they were put onto a platform for everyone to see. Bobster always told people that in order to gain your “manliness” you have to fight someone to prove to people that you are strong. Yet he gets robbed of his most prized possession without even putting up a fight. Since Simon Glass was popular, Lance was getting more embarrassed than he had ever been in his life. The one secret that will completely take you off guard is Rob’s. In order to figure his secret out, you should read Shattering Glass and you’ll be just as astonished as I was.

The rating of this book would be four out of five stars. The suspense literally had me glued to the book. The secrets that every character had within the book really showed why Simon Glass ended up dying. I would highly recommend this book to any teenager because you’ll realize how much you can actually relate to the book. The book is also directed to teens because of the moral of the story which is don’t be a follower. Live your life your way not the way someone else tells you to.

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