Apple Of Sodom

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Just like an apple in the city of Sodom, I am rotting.

The feeling a new mother gets when she realizes she’s spotting.

Like that innocent child, I am dead.

This disease….it will spread.

I have not lost all hope.

Just plummeting down a steep slope.

Most everything is bearable.

Nothing is actually terrible.

I’m just empty and lost for words.

These thoughts…they gather is herds.

Now that is almost unbearable and torturous.

This life has become oh so arduous.

Life is passing by.

It’s pathetic, I can’t even cry.

Nothing to get whatever is inside, out.

No one would hear me if I were to shout.

I’ve become a master of disguise.

Hiding all the time, while my soul slowly dies.

But I’m still here.

Losing almost everything I hold dear.

So every day, I sit alone in this hole.

Remembering all of the things they stole.

I wish I could die…I wish I could have a taste of horrible physical pain.

Maybe I should take a razor blade and glide it with grace across my vein.

No, I can’t do that. I have a family.

I know they would lose all sanity.

I will stay here, endure whatever is happening to me.

I am long past the point of ceasing to be.

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