My Bed Poem

March 13, 2012
By Jacob Houghton BRONZE, China, Maine
Jacob Houghton BRONZE, China, Maine
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O Bed,
You are snug.
You are comfortable.
Your mattress feels like lying on the clouds.
You are doughy,
Your mattress is fluffy and springy.
Your blankets make it so,
I am never ever cold.
Your pillow is very supporting,
It gives me a comfortable space to put my head when I sleep.
You have frog sheets and pillowcases,
and a blue comforter.
Your blankets feel just like a teddy bear in a baby’s arms.
Your pillow smells like my shampoo.
You are bright brown,
and you are bunk beds.
You give me a great night sleep.
How would I sleep without you bed,?
You are my dream world.
-Jacob Houghton

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