January 4, 2008
By daphney britt, Jacksonville, FL

I can't see, I can't think, I can't breath, all I can do is feel, the rain!
And all I can do is remember; remember how it started.
I can see it clearly now, different thoughts running through my mind!
I remember the party; the music; the people that I saw there, the boys
that wanted me to go here & there. I remember my friends standing at the punch bowl,
drinking till they can't drink no mo!
Then all of a sudden, we start to leave. I get inside the car, with a drink in my hand
trying to think if what I saw was real; it was a pick up truck right behind us trying to get over, we're speeding and swerving, speeding more until we saw that the truck was not behind us, but in front of us!
The lights are flashing in my eyes. We scream; we cry; we crash in to a ditch. The glass cuts my skin, the car crushes me in and then throws my friend through the windshield, while all of a sudden some people come!
I start to open my eyes, I’m laying in a hospital bed. Hearing the doctor say to my mother,
that I shall never walk again and saying to my friends mother's, that their children are dead.
Then, the news comes on ,saying how four teenager's were in a car crash & only one survived!
Then, it all comes back to me, the party, the alcohol, the car, the truck, me and my friends; I start to cry.
I can't think, I can't breath, all I can do is feel the pain and all I can do is remember, how
I'll never see my friends again; how the girl that survived the crash is getting yelled at, saying she's the one to blame!
All of a sudden I start to realize; that girl that was drinking and driving; that girl who's friends did not make it,
that girl who everyone says is guilty, that girl that I can no longer see in the mirror, that me! I go back and wish I just said No.

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