March 26, 2012
By WhenItRAINS SILVER, Loudonville, Ohio
WhenItRAINS SILVER, Loudonville, Ohio
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Upon this street with no one but herself to talk alone,
She looks down at her feet, with each step she walks alone.

The wind blows cold; she can’t feel a thing,
Her feet keep moving, step, step, step, her heartbreaking lack of self confidence she stalks alone.

A happy couple walks past; giggling and intertwined,
She remembers what she doesn’t have; she turns her head and gawks alone.

When she’s alone she’s no one, but her heart bleeds out on stage; no one knows,
No one would hardly recognize her broken hearted face; when on stage she rocks, alone.

Her broken heart is seen by Hannah who is standing at the end of the street,
She’s finally recognized but doesn’t mind, she wants to fully trust but until then her heart is locked alone.

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