Ode to my bomb

March 22, 2012
I think I hate you
You're a bad image of me
Destructive and violent
In the end a few broken knuckles
You're like a bomb
So unexpected
I'm doing alright
I could be better
You flip a switch to change my mood
You turn me into something I'm not
You drain me of emotion
Like how a vampire drinks for blood
I must learn how to control you
I am my own instructor
I need to expand my limit to keep myself sane
You're like a bomb
For some people deadly and severely unbalanced
Anger is in human's nature
An emotion with consequences
I know I hate you
You set me off
You're like a grenade strapped to the inside of my jacket
The pin is never pulled
Letting me know your still there
You're like a bomb
One of these days the pin will be pulled
I will set you off

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