a full night

March 21, 2012
By sydsyd BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
sydsyd BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
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Boom!Bang! You here that. Music bumping from every side of the room. dancing everywhere you look around. Smile and laughter cover the room. Light's flashing, couples kissing, friends cheering, but one girl sitting alone. Shy and unpredictable just bring able to read her like a book. Running out the building not talking the pain no longer. Heart melting, weak and suffering. As she walked home she went through a memory train when she felt warm,hot, cold, loved not betrayed and strong not a weak link. Drops of rain falling from the sky. The moon full tonight cover the stars. Restaurants closing corner markets opening. Owls hooing, cricket's cricking, and a girl crying. As she thinks its just another lonely night that will leave her alone in the dark night.

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