Timeless Beauty

March 16, 2012
His coat is the color of winter.
His eyes warm my heart like spring.
He has spots like the sand in the summer.
He runs through leaves that autumn brings.

My stallion is my heart and soul.
He has been there for me for years.
We have become an inseparable couple.
We have the same loves and fears.

As we have both grown older,
He hid his age the best.
Although my herd has multiplied,
I love him more than the rest.

He continues to run and frolic.

I have started to relax.
But every so often we just sit there,
Feeling the warmth of the sun on our backs.

He never ceases to amaze me
When he rears up high into the air.

Everyday in the far corner,
He rises up without a care.

I always give him carrots.

He always gives me love.
I playfully sneak up behind him.
He gives me playful shoves.

He neighs from deep inside himself
And again rises towards the sky.
He is the epitome of the horse
when his head is held up high.

We have hair the color of winter.
We bathe in the sun in spring.
We run down sandy beaches in summer.
We run at challenges life may bring.

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