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The ominous glow of the lunar being,
lowering, slowly hiding from the sun, fleeing
The shadows cast upon my wall,
oh, that doesn’t scare me at all.

The cold floor sends goose bumps up my skin,
through my legs, chest and to my chin
The twin windows, like towers, looming and tall,
oh, they don’t scare me at all.

The cruel September wind rustling the innocent trees,
they had no chance against the breeze
In the darkness, I feel so small,
but, that doesn’t scare me at all

Then, what is this that I see?
Beyond the moonlight and the tree,
through a window, a father puts his son to bed.
Now, that scares me, oh yes, that scares me.

My companions of nature are completely forgotten,

Once I see the life I could have gotten

Daddy, you were unable to flee from the sun and wind,
whose rays were strong enough to break the glass they shone through
and whose breeze left a permanent chill upon your skin
Those twin windows came crashing down,
upon the innocent trees and the ground.

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