March 8, 2012
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I'll just sit in silent peace and satisfaction
Recalling shared memories and all your priceless reactions
I'll pretend that I can stop time with the wave of my hand
And live through all the times you made me smile once again.

I'll lay in bed at night and at the stars I'll gaze
Because the shining lights remind me of the smile on your face
And maybe that's my way of knowing you are still here
That you've never left my side and I have nothing left to fear.

I remember the day that you were taken from my grasp
The sun shone down on earth like every ray was its last
I guess that it was scared that it'll be taken, too
Or maybe the reason that it shone so bright was all because of you.

I never really found the words to say just how I felt
I didn't get to say goodbye, I even might have helped
I didn't even get to find out why you had to go
But however and whatever, I love you is all I need you to know.

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