Remembering You Forever

March 9, 2012
By , Fond Du Lac, WI
My world is full of darkness,
The light from your smile has gone,
The times that we’ve spent together are now precious memories.

I will never forget holding your hand,
While sitting on the bed and you are in your chair.
Or while watching you take your last breath,
Feeling the release of your cold palm against mine.

I will never forget walking by your side,
Pushing you in your wheelchair to the dining room for dinner.
Always stopping to listen to the birds sing,
Knowing this is when we hug and say goodbye.

I will never forget your hugs,
At the beginning and end of every visit,
Never forgetting how they made me feel,
Joyful and content, wishing I could stay longer,
Not wanting to let go of your warm, squishy body.

I will never forget your love,
No matter good or bad you made me smile,
Even if I missed a weekend you always forgave me,
You were the one that could always brighten my day.

When I look at you I see a very special person.
A person who has been through the worst,
Losing your three sons to cancer, suicide, and a heart attack,
Living without your wife for eleven years.

Even with you gone I remember our amazing memories together.
I remember your plaid shirts and penny loafers,
Just like the ones I had to have because you did.
I remember sneaking in York Mints and Hershey Bars,
Or bringing you home cooked meals,
Pork chops, fried potatoes, and green bean casserole.
I remember buying you Depends,
Mom laughed so hard when I said they smelt like Almond Crescents.

I remember your last day,
Crying the whole way to Waupaca,
Sprinting to your room as fast as I could,
Pushing my way to your bedside,
Squeezing your hand as hard as I could,
Praying that you would squeeze back.

I remember you last breath,
Watching your chest expand and collapse in slow motion.
Staring at the one and only tear fell from your eye,
As millions poor out of mine. Looking at the small smile on your face,
I know you have wanted this for so long.
Feeling the gentle grasp of your hand fade away.
Telling you ’I love you’ one last time.

I know you’re happy now,
And your happiness makes me smile.

I know I can’t look into your eyes,
I know I can’t give you one last hug and kiss,
I know I can’t hear you say ‘Hello’ or ‘I love you’,

But if I had just one last chance,
One last chance to say goodbye,
And one last chance to tell you how I feel,
I would tell you everything I’ve just said,
And most importantly,
I Love You.

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